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This was very interesting! Good Job! Greetings from Germany :)

Really,really Nice!

What an experience!

Interesting Story!

i´m in love! Can´t wait for the Fullgame ( wishlisted on steam) greetings from germany

Interesting Game!

Interesting Story!

Cool Demo!

I hate Mannequins :D

First... I hate survival games (I'm very bad at it) :D
But I found the game interesting and it has potential
it still has some bugs and it crashed me once... what bothered me was that you were attacked right at the beginning of the game because you don't know what to do or where to go :D
but on the big a solid survival game only for the kill/fun :)
I couldn't donate to Kickstarter, so I did it here.
I'm looking forward to the full game

greetings from Germany :)

Really good and funny! I hope for a fullgame

Oh Yes, it was really good even if I don't understand Spanish :D I hope you keep going

Really Nice!

That was great!

Thanks for the really fun Game ! 😄

Nice Game!

Really Nice and funny :D  Greetings from Germany

Really good! Love the graphic and the athmosphere!

Good Game, i like the sounds...voiceacting would be nice... i´m waiting for chapter 2 😁

Really good... love the graphic and the Sounds.. 👍

Interesting experience!

I know sleep paralysis also well done! 

Really good! I'm excited to see how the game continues..

i like it!

Nice Game!