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Thanks glad you enjoyed! 🙂

I really like the look and feel of this game. The sprite is so small but has loads of character. The reloading and shooting to the beat is a cool mechanic. 

I really love this game, great art work and storyline. Excellent and atmospheric. Music is very effective and overall it spooked the heck out of me!

I love the look of this game, in particular the death animation is great. The music is also great. I didn't get far...yet!

thanks 😊 

Thanks 😀

Thanks  😊 

Thanks so much 😄

Really enjoyed playing this, the feel and style is great and I'm already really curious about the character and their world. I'd love to play more levels of this 😄

I've finally managed to smash the EMP cannon to get home! Phew, was a really nice challenge and I particularly liked the use of the different fuel combinations towards the end, took some time to get it right 👌😄

Thanks, I really enjoyed putting the sprites together 😊

Thanks so much, I wanted to keep it quite light and fun 😄

thanks 😄

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One thing I forgot to mention, all the book titles are other names from the name generator, there's some crackers so feel free to use them to make your own games from!

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Here's my #RNDGAME2020 jam entry, hope you all like it. It's been so much fun (and stress) to work on but I'm really pleased with how it's come out.