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YES! Edit: boy, I should have known this would include NTR.


Good game, could certainly use more clients though. 

Nice game, pretty addictive when you get the hang of it. 


Runs at 14 FPS, unplayable.

Game barely runs.

F for the little guy.

Pretty interesting game, even though it's easy to figure out, a tutorial or similar would be appreciated. This should totally be a mobile game if it isn't already. 

Am I the only one that is playing normally and suddenly their FPS go from 60 to 30? It's very annoying and I don't know what to do about it.

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Un juego muy tonto, pero en el buen sentido, ojalá fuera un poco más largo y hubiese un final en el que sobrevives y te vas a vivir a Argentina. Por otro lado, estaría bien poder agacharse y apuntar a todos lados, a lo Metal Slug. Por lo demás, muy buen juego.

Super fun game, at the start, I felt like a dick for trying to troll him while he legit feels sad, but we even ended up becoming friends.

Really nice game, only problem is that, while at the beginning you try to help everyone and feel bad when people die, you soon enough stop caring and simply feed those that really need it, and shoot those that complain. 

VirusTotal detected the game has a trojan, I recommend not downloading it. 

Short but really nice game, the music and the art are really beautiful and fitting. 

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Simple but beautiful and fun game, the fact that you can get upgrades makes it very replayable. 

Fun but short game, that's why the endless mode is very appreciated. 

Cool game, bit hard tho. But it looks beautiful and is quite entertaining.

Jesus fucking Christ. What a game. I think I understood the story more or less, and never thought possible to explain a story without a single word. 

Silly QWOP styled game, but actually possible to master.

Simple game, but pretty fun. 

Awesome! You never fail to surprise us, Majalis. 


The game crashes when I try to reload old saves, but seems to work fine with recent ones. 

Yeah, I discovered it not much later, even thought the result was dissapointing. 

I love this game and specially the new update, does anyone know how to get the teacher to abduct you?

It's the bad event at school.

Holy shit, thanks, dude! 

A rather short but still good game.

Before going to her apartment make sure you have enough money or you'll get a bad ending. 

I also wish we could parry. 

I thought that the fact that the mustache I drew on baby Hitler was still there in the next time travel was a glitch or something the creator forgot. Now I know it's fully intentional. 

Calling Rye and the MREA is useless though. 

It totally makes up, but still, when I get a bad ending, I can't avoid feeling bad. 

I absolutely love the game and specially Rye, even though I don't know how to get a higher relationship with Claudia and the bad endings with Vicky and Shauna made feel so bad I had to leave the game for some time.  

There is at least one good ending with Rye, I obtained it. 

Same thing I want to know.