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Was a good game when I played it as a kid, is an even better game as an adult.

Can't really see the settings to decrease the mouse sensitivity, and can't even go to full screen mode. Following just in case one day it gets fixed.

It's completely possible, just raise your perception when you approach a chest you're not sure of.

A new update so soon? Hell yeah!

It's been 84 years..

One thousand dollars. Wow.

The question is.. how did the guy that left the note bury the treasure inside the mountain?

Who's Troja? 

Great game, I got to like 50% and left it for the night only to discover the next day that it doesn't save your progress. 

Can't help but love this silly little game. 

How about a browser version?

Get well soon! 

Nvm, found it, thanks MIF.

Review: It was.. wow. Arousing and fucked up at the same time like only the people at FDW can do. I'm glad there's two endings, three (I think?) bad endings and two ways out. Even that neat little easter egg if you try to go back.

 My kuddos. Also I think there's a few grammatical errors in the new content added, nothing serious, but maybe you guys want to fix it. 

Anyway, really proud to have contributed with my money to this amazing project, and I would need a bit of a guide to see the true good Wallis ending, please.

New update and new route let's fucking gooooo

You can defeat her, but the reward is incredibly eh. You can't even bang her.

Get more perception

This game's pretty good, even got fourth wall breaking lmao

I thought the game saved your progress or something, I had to delete the cache from my Browser and boom, all gone. 

That ending, I'm fucking crying. You fuckers did it again, simply amazing. 

What a fucking game, got killed twice for being stupid and got two endings I didn't quite like, so I guess we're commiting terrorism.

Wallis part 2, let's fucking go!

We're so fucking back

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Got pretty hooked on this game now that I checked it out again. You can just turn off the sound and dedicate to your plant. 

Btw, 11 apples, try to beat that!

Ayo, new update! I love your work you guys

Only complain I have is I wish you could have a balls setting, so you either have a futa, or a futa with balls. 

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. 

Awww. Man, that sucks. 

I don't even know where it is! 

I can't seem to find it? There's just nothing there

Thanks for the update! Where's the Sperm Bank tho?

Glad to have an update so soon! Sally is so adorable and I'm glad she gets the happy ending she deserves. Only thing I can suggest is for Godess's day in Downtown to change if you and Sally are in a relationship. Other than that, great work! 

Let's go! Nice to see a update

I found a way to get over it with my character, who's a total slut. I'm not sure how, but bringing Trudy will allow you to fight The Dark Knight after he gets defeated. 

Yep, same here. 

Hell yeah, new update!

Pretty interesting, but I'm stuck in the Agility test, that or I don't know what to do. I jump every time I'm required to, but the option eventually dissapears and if I stay there for too long I get zapped again. 

Sweet! I must admit I finished almost all the new content in a heartbeat, so I can't wait for the next one.

That ending xdddd

So so glad to play a new update, I finished it in a few hours, and can't wait to see more of Wallis.