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I found a way to get over it with my character, who's a total slut. I'm not sure how, but bringing Trudy will allow you to fight The Dark Knight after he gets defeated. 

Yep, same here. 

Hell yeah, new update!

Pretty interesting, but I'm stuck in the Agility test, that or I don't know what to do. I jump every time I'm required to, but the option eventually dissapears and if I stay there for too long I get zapped again. 

Sweet! I must admit I finished almost all the new content in a heartbeat, so I can't wait for the next one.

That ending xdddd

So so glad to play a new update, I finished it in a few hours, and can't wait to see more of Wallis.

YEAH BABY! Glad I donated some money to you guys. 

This game is gay as fuck. I love it. 

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It's a fun game, until you realize the message, and the fact that there are people out there that play Tetris with buildings, not caring about how many people die as long as they get their money. Then it continues being fun of course, but it also makes you think. 

Took me a while to understand what the game is about (if I got it right, I mean), could have used a tutorial or at least some kind of explanation. Still, good game regardless. 

No problem, and by the way, Ashley best girl. 

Pretty good game, I appreciate the details such as the city slowly decaying and the messages of the citizens begging you to stop. Maybe you could add a little more like explosions, shooting noise, etc?

Nice game, was going to comment the possibility of adding a day night circle and weather, but it seems you already plan to do so, so I'll just vote 5 stars and follow you.

Has potential, hope to see it more fleshed out one day. 

A simple game, but actually hilarious.

Amazing game, at first, I thought the art was too simple but I'm glad to see I was wrong. I really appreciate the incorporated walktrough, the tips for the locked scenes and specially that the game asks you if you want to skip certain parts they know not everyone would like. 10/10, work of art. 

Nice game, maybe you could add a option to have the futa become a shemale? You know, the same thing but with balls instead of a pussy. 

It's a Windows 10, 64 bits. Hope this is the info you're asking for. 


I mean, it's not that bad, but it's kinda disturbing,, the teeth grow when you eat, which is the objective, but when you eat too much they break? The controls are a bit clunky too. 

Crashes my WebGL every time I try to play.

Funny little game that probably has put me on a watch list. 


Nice game, wish it was a bit longer though. 

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A simple concept but damn, it just works! Piece of advice: Choose well who do you want to fight and never spread too thin. I'd love to one day see a hard mode where the enemies fight each other and can revive their enemies as well. Also I think we'd all appreciate a pause button and a option to save our progress. 

Heya, when I run the game I can see the credits normally, but all that follows is a black screen. The music still plays though, any help?

A simple game, a noble goal and a broken hand. 14:22

Fellas, all I'm going to say is day 8.

Gotcha, thanks. 

The healing pool elf takes your virginity?


Baby wake up, new Tales of Androgyny update just dropped! 

Wow, that certainly was something. I'm sad it was a little short, but it was pretty good, thanks for making this! 

I'm wondering the same, NTR can be hot sometimes, but I felt super bad for the protagonist. 

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POGGG. This version is pretty.. intense, so to say. I quite like the references to the NTR game and to (spoiler) Caesar's end in the Ides of March but with Demetria instead. 

Keep playing, FDW has a ending where you can escape the city and at least two where you're happy and cared for. 

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YES! Edit: boy, I should have known this would include NTR.


Good game, could certainly use more clients though.