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I enjoy being a baby it gives me the right to kill others did not read the story but I never do nice game need more levels

Feels really smooth with some  Amazing Movement! now I can move in the air the stretchy jump makes me feel in control and it all just feels really responsive the only problems I had this time was that there was no fullscreen mode and no audio settings from what I found otherwise Amazing Game

Yes the game is good but not balanced I know its hard to make it not to easy and not too hard but my first time trying this game I got to was not able to die so I just stopped trying at wave 60 and just waited for me to die but it still took a while there is just no challange to this game since you need to play for soo long to beat your high score since even if you have never played a game you will get very far

Still love your art style. this looks great

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I do not think I can die anymore cuz I whent of screen too fast and the it did not trigger the collision and it stopped spawning

I wish I had used some free music cuz the music I made for this game is the worst thing to ever be made

WR first try... Great game the lack of air control makes me rage but I guess thats the point I love this game but I feel scared when I hit the ground and there is no music feels like something is going to appear to scare me...

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no problem... sorry

Hey m/s gamer I challange you to make a better game then him

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Also the game feels almost as good as subwaysurfers just low graphics

Just dont forget the game was made in 1 day and game dev can take years... maybe chill

For a game made in 1 day Its Great! the only problems are collision and button press detection  the game only takes in swipe inputs even when its a click to restart screen and controlling with keyboard did not work for me migh just be my settings thoe. Anyways good job keep it up

Amazing Game, The only problems I have is the fact that the only download for the demo is to get it for all platforms and it makes the file size really big so if you can I think making separate downloads is a good idea. Oh also the fact that the tutorial shows how to use ability before its even unlocked is kinda annoying and also it takes a little to long for cutscenes to end the rest of the game is amazing thoe


Awsome Game just feels a little empty with no music

the dude just uploaded the video 

Thanks I will keep that In mind

great game keep it up



well It was just not starting the first time but I got back to it again and now it worked! great work simpel but nice game

yeah I know the thing that made it hard to control was just the friction since it felt quite low I keept on running to far

Nice game just a a little hard to control

Nice game just a a little hard to control

hey I am having problems running the game do you know why that might be?

Great game with some nice and simpel low poly animales. fun to play

great game now I can finnaly defend my nut

great game!

great game!



Great game keep it up

Great game prototype just a little slow at the start but a great game

my game



Great game! love the pixel art and sound effects. 

Great game! love the pixel art!

But your game accualy has ary mine is just cubes