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Its a little bugged and character controller is kind of sliding so i fell of the platforms a lot, but models and shooting is pretty good. good entry and keep on improving! :)

Good submission! I enjoyed low poly look and character controller with wings ability also, seeing player go ragdoll mode is always fun. Well done!

Hi thanks for feeedback,The key to complete the level is to stand on that yellow block with no moves remaining.

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Thank you! Glad you like it.

Thank you for feedback :) You might want to give it another try with easy mode where headers never disappear :)

Hi! Thanks for your feedback.I just updated the game and now you can switch to easy mode where headers never disappear :) 

Thanks! Glad you like it :))

Thanks for the feedback  i appriciate it:)

Thanks! Im really glad to hear that :) I might have to turn difficulty level slightly down in next update.

Thanks for feedback, yes i did but i think its not much of a challenge when you click these button on screen since they stay the same (wasd) i would have to come up with a bit different mechanic.

Thank you for such an extensive feedback,i really appriciate it. In the next update i'll definitely include faster restart time :)

Hi! Thanks for your positive feedback The relation with theme is that you can use key only once and then it changes :) 

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i unleashed the beast with single button and whole humanity extincted 10/10

Thanks! Difficulty increases maybe a little bit too quick,although i hope you  had a good time playing it :) 

Thank you for feedback, it really means a lot to me and im glad you enjoyed it :) 

Last level was really tough and i have spent almost 10 minutes trying to win and i  just couldn't stop playing :D Im impressed with artstyle and animations,best game i played so far :) 

Thanks for your feedback :)

Thanks! :)

b e a n


I would love to see more levels :D great game

I actually had fun playing this little tycoon sim :D

5 for originality. Cool idea :) i scored 130

Thanks! I appreciate it :)

Well made! I like the ammo indicator mechanic and minimap is a nice touch.One thing you might try is lowering max size of wall/ground textures.It gives a cool effect sometimes and it might fit your game more and also save resources.

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Nice one :D

Thanks for your feedback! After reading your comment i decided to add hardcore mode,Its already there, you might want to give it a try :)

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you like it :)

Thanks :D

Great game!

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Thanks for the feedback :) I just noticed it looks almost the same as in his tutorial :D  Great submission btw

Haha Thanks :D

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Thanks! I used Unity :)

Wow. I had a really fun time playing this  game.At first i wasn't sure how to play this game but after few deaths i got it :D .I just wish there would be more levels because  i got into it haha.Great job!


Thanks for the  feedback i appreciate it :D

I love the concept of changing dimensions like that :) Good work!

Thanks :)

I was suprised how good boss battle is!The mechanic of switching dimensions to avoid his bullets is really cool!

Great game! The environment looks really good and the character is cute.Only issue i experienced was that jumping didn't work every time.