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This was cool! I got really into the discovery and how to survive the night. I just wish there was a LITTLE more to actually beating the game. Its very simple once you figure it out

Amazing game none the less, keep up the good work!

This gotta be the most intriguing demo I've ever played. Soo well done!


Your games are improving ALOT! I am loving the direction you're taking and can see these going a long way.

This was hard as freak man.. GG

I meant to play this MONTHS ago and was reminded of it by a good YouTuber Adrionic! Was soo much fun to play and commentate on. It actually surprisingly felt like I was live... 

Gave it a go! I have my theories on this game but I wasnt able to get the final ending! I love the effort for a short horror, well well done 

Who would've guessed a TV would be after me.. Honestly.. I enjoyed

Swole imposter was an interesting experience.. 

Despite my title, I encourage EVERYONE to try this game if they want to get goosebumps they've never felt before.. I actually LEFT this game feeling worried for my safety LMAO 

Just a 10/10 experience. Story, gameplay, and scares. Soo well done Donitz

Your games are getting so good! I loved Okiku and this one was SUPER detailed and interesting. I love the challenge it offered as well as the unsettling atmosphere it delivered when first walking in. Definitely one of my top favourite games on itchio!

This is so bizzare, thank you for uncovering this and turning it into a playable game! I'm hoping we can discover some secrets about it. I got to the room with the chairs and quit from there.. I can't seem to figure out much more than that. I read some of the files and there is a text log in there containing a creepy message as well.

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Wicked game, was super fun to play and I tried to find some of the secrets in the map too! REALLY interesting game with alot of depth. I cant wait to see what you guys come up with in the future! 

Cleanest little game ever. I love the gameplay and multiple endings. I got them all because I enjoyed it so much. Very well done ! 

I love haunted ps1 horror games because they're always so good at being creepy. This one was very disturbing.. Just something about the ocean and.. bowels.. 

These types of games are ALWAYS scary.. I love the style alot!

I love this sneak peak! The audio and visuals are soo clean. Can't wait to see more

This was super cool! I liked the gameplay alot, It was hard but different. I am so used to spacebar to jump lol. I could only imagine the lengths you can go with this game! For a solo dev I am so impressed and applaud your dedication

Such a good atmosphere, honestly 10/10! I wish there was more. Such a high quality game with great potential.

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I REALLY tried to make some jokes but dang.. Lovely little game. Recommend to anyone who wants to try out haunted ps1 horror games. This is the BEST one to try! 

I didn't expect it to get me but it did.. Really fun experience and plus theres LIVE pigs so I'd 100% reccomend

One of my favourite games on Itchio so far! Loved the gameplay and the story behind it all. This is what I look for in a small horror game. Well done :)

Can't wait for full release! The build up is intense and I KNOW this game is going to go crazy like "northbury grove" did

I enjoyed playing it myself! I had added it to a gameplay since it was so short! You should add a super intense chase at the end to make it extra horrifying LOL

I wish I could have gotten all the endings! Super cool concept! It was difficult to figure out though 

LOL Must have been my extreme bad luck! I will be following for updates!

I didn't think it would but this game SCARED me bad. Such a good horror. It reminds me alot of the penumbra games, solving a puzzle while a monster is active! Loved it! 

NO game has scared me as bad as this one did.. Such a good idea! I love the confusion and feeling of relief once you beat it. 10/10 horror 

Really good gameplay! Id love to see a longer version of something like this! 

Super interesting, this game was tense and offered really fun gameplay!

I MAY have thrown him against the wall a few times.. Very cute baby very scary game 

This game was sooo unsettling.. I really enjoyed it. If there was a massive jumpscare I think I would've had a heart attack. Atmosphere was perfect.

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Huge potential! This game really surprised me. Keep it up 

The atmosphere was perfect. So terrifying!

Love the Haunted ps1 style, this was such a good one! Keep it up :)

Your games are getting better! This game was really well done compared to nightmare shift! Keep it up 

So COOL, these style of games are soo good and this one hits differen't 

Heart attack simulator

Atmosphere is everything, this game proves that..