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Narratively? Wonderful. Love the lore, love the world, love the art.

Gameplay? Some of my favorite gameplay of this style I've personally experienced. Namely, it feels like if HZD was faster and more punchy, rather than realistic.

I just hope that one day there will be more!

This is the greatest game of all time and if I could upload my consciousness and live inside of it I would.

Thank you!!!

Is there a secondary method? I have been looking all over the page and cannot find the "Generate Steam Key" option. When I originally purchased the game I had an issue with the itch app not letting me download and had to download it through the itch website, so maybe that's why?

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My bad, just saw this. It is definitely possible it just took getting to a point where my agility was high enough to stun them before I got one-hit lol.

Also, I love the game! I put about 17 hours into completing the demo and getting all of the tickets. Obviously I didn't exactly rush, but I was enjoying myself enough to not feel the need to :) I'm excited to buy the full game!

Update: I just beat it with all of my team at lvl 30, all of the best gear, and multiple pulse upgrades. It is possible but it takes a lot of grinding, good RNG, and good combos.

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After having my whole team get one shot five times in a row I really can't fathom it being possible currently... although maybe I'm just not close enough to max level...