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hey, Is this guy supposed to disappear when you go near him? I'm not sure what to do.

Sorry to hear your having trouble with extracting the file. You can try downloading a rar file converter like

RAR File Open Knife. It's completely free and will allow you to extract the file. Hope this helps! 

Just tried out the android port, and I gotta say: It works great!

The only issue I have (This is just a little nit-pick) is that the analogue stick feels a bit to big.

Other than that, I haven't encountered anything bad, well done!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed both of them! :) 

Honestly it isn't, but I'm glad you liked it

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Once you download the .RAR file, you use a .RAR file extractor to extract the files. Then you go into the extracted files and click the .EXE file to start the game.

it’s because you got turned around and went the wrong way when you left the bathroom. Glad you enjoyed it though! :)

I think you have already figured this out but, Slonderman 2 isn’t a walk in the forest! ;) It is beatable though, you just need to keep trying and not give up! :)

Also, It's Slonderman, A 100% original character that definitely isn't a parody of slenderman. ; )

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this wasn't supposed to be a good game, heck, it wasn't even supposed to be difficult. Thanks for taking the time to comment your thoughts, I appreciate it! :)

who is "they"?

no, it's just an optional donation.


If you could answer the third question, then it would defeat the purpose of the game.

and he would do that because??? May as well make a mod for the game if you really want to...

dude, the game doesn't need to be updated, it is fine as it is, the game is complete. As for it not being on the top spot, it is because there are newer games that deserve recognition too. These things change, games come and go, and Baldi certainly has had a good run.

what do you mean "what"?

Baldi's Basics was never meant to be a very scary game,  and honestly, Slonderman was only supposed to be mildly scary (at best). 

Thanks for the comment though! :) And I'm glad you liked the name!

I had fun with this game! Even though I haven't beat it yet! Good job man! :)

download WinZip. Its free. 

I will think about it, thanks for the suggestion! :)

Really? You must have a pile of dirt if you can’t run this game.

By modding the asset files.

Great game as always with you Dave! It was much harder and spookier than the original, great job! :)


I think it is because you need a .rar file extractor, like winRAR or RAR Knife opener

I almost beat the game! Man, it is hard....

its fine,  honestly! I'm just glad you enjoyed the game. :)

There are two E's in my name! xD

Anyhoo, glad you had fun with this little game! :)


yeah. Thanks for the criticism! :)

This was just made as a joke. Still, thanks for playing it I guess? My next game will hopefully be better than this, hopefully...

lol, that was the idea!

There is supposed to be a gray filter and limited vision. I think it has something to do with a unfixible rare bug in the game, as there was a similar issue with my other parody game, where instead of a green nightvision camera it would be blue.

Regardless, glad you had fun with this small game! :)

You could try my Outlast parody if you wanted.

Glad you had fun with it! I also noticed you had the 3D  Glasses effect on, which was why it was red and blue and whatnot.

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Open the game normally, it  runs on just about any windows/mac computer. I don't know where you got that "it is dangerous to open this game!", whatever it is, it is nonsense. This game is as harmful as any other game.