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Ah I love how you've implied the silhouette of the whole fish here, really clever. Also the chopstick position looks so convincingly real! 

This is so cute and I want to pet it. I love how sort of rounded and chunky and compact all your shapes are.

Ah yes, accidental twinning for the win! 

It was originally a hexaprism but I ran out of space 😅

This is just awesome. The clouds! 

thank you!!!

thank you for your Glow Worm Attention

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Oh! Yep, that makes a ton of sense, will do so today.

EDIT: done!

With all experimental settings on, it works for me in Safari for iPad (Pro 9.7, fully up to date). The sprite and room editor appear black until I press play, and then I can see the content after that. Sometimes it loads and just doesn’t work but if I refresh it generally starts working.

Colour palettes work super flakily and sometimes take multiple refreshes to show up, but that’s also the case for me on Chrome for OS X desktop, so! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I realise this is very ‘turn it off and on again’ of me but...have you tried refreshing a bunch?

Have also tried it in both Chrome and Dolphin for iOS but can’t get it working in either. 

Thank you for pointing this out! I can't seem to reproduce it - which link is it that can be click-spammed? I can only hit 'Attempt' once before the option disappears :)

Oh my goodness! Thank you! How exciting! I love this! :D