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good job. i bought all of your great assets. thanks!

Thanks for the answer

If you ever sell that scarecrow character separately, I'll buy it later. 

Have a nice day!


Are scarecrows included in the products you sell?

I am in awe of your work!

I bought it right away and will be applying it to my game soon.

Thanks for always putting out great work.

Always be healthy.


I have been waiting for your work over and over again. I knew you'd be back! Keep up the good work. I'm buying this right now. Thank you.

Wow! Is that true?
I've never seen a site that sells stylish runes like Diablo 2's runes. If you make it, I will buy it and apply it to my game!

Your resources are too perfect to apply to my game.
Thank you!

good resources!

thank you


Can I not see your work again?
I'm asking because your work doesn't come up any more

Happy New Year.

Thank you like crazy.
I never thought you'd remember what I said
You are the best art designer.
Thank you.

Your work always surprises me

Thank you very much

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Thank you!
I'll buy your work right away

Thank you for your answer

I'll be waiting for your resources!
If it comes out, I'll buy it right away!

I hope you always have a great day


I bought quite a few of your resources.
I'm using it well, and it fits my game well.
I have a question.
Aren't you going to make shield resources?
At first, I used it because there was a shield on your resource, but since then, the shield has not been made, so I am asking.

I just realized that a good character came out
I want more of your work.
Hurry up and work! :D

As promised by mail, I will buy this for 30 dollars

Thank you for the great work!


Can you create a skill that looks very powerful and short in casting time?

Recently, when I look at your skills, the casting time seems to be long.

If you make me a cool, short casting time skill, I'll buy it right away without hesitation.

I enjoyed your wonderful painting. bye

release 5 this year please T_T

You're the god of art.
I'm spending all your resources on my game.
But I long for it more.
How many more resources will you create?

Nice work.
I'll use it well for my game.

good works

Thank you

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I saw many of your works.

I liked your work of art.

so I bought a lot of works.

But you're not selling your elements icon.

Can I use this for free commercial use?

I'm going to express the elements of many effects purchased from you.