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The area that you see under the level is the sword customization area which you appear in when you die. The gorilla actually does not currently spawn in the dungeon, we released this project as is at the end of the jam, but we are still working on releasing a post-jam build which is more complete.

The main problem I faced was the outer sphere. When you move and stop right away you could clearly see it in the game. Since stars twinkle anyway, the far stars only live for 1 second, just a quick fade in fade out. Good luck! :D

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Thanks man, that means a lot! :) You're game is so nice, wish I could have gotten around to getting in weapons and something to shoot at.

The stars just 2 sphere particles. One is a full 3000 radius around the player with a few stars to add depth, then the other is 5000 radius, shell only. So it adds a bunch of stars that look distant. As you fly the distant stars make the soaring effect cause they spawn in quickly :)