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The game is coming along very nicely! awesome to see all the new creatures being added. My pixel art is coming to life

Sure that's fine :)

I may eventually add some of these, I want to finish the full set first with all idles

Would love to see it if you do make one!

thank you :)

No, I'm sorry but no NFT related projects at all are allowed.

Thank you much!

Hello there! I used Disco Diffusion :)

Would love to see it!

Your words are enough! Thank you!

haha thank you!

Some quick feedback, you might increase the damage from early abilities a bit. I find it extremely hard to get past level 8 because I don't do enough damage

Thank you!

This is incredible! Vampire survivor style!! Very impressive work on the game, quite polished. You make me want to start making games now :).

Thank you so much for these kind words! It really means a lot to me!

Woo thank you!

Thanks again! ^^

Love the new animals! I have been working on a few vermin myself lately, definitely can be tricky to get the perspectives correct.

Love your art style!

I've done 4 directions for my demon asset pack, considering doing them for all the packs. Also debating additional animations but all are rather massive time commitments. For now my Patreon just contains additional sprites not found anywhere else, if I do make 4 directions, I will add them here as well as on Patreon!

I'm currently considering it. If I do decide to add the additional animations, I would probably go with attack, move, die, hit. 40 sprites with all those animations is definitely a large time commitment though.


A ton of work indeed! For now I just added side and back idle animations for 37/40 sprites!

Yep, there are other ways to make the image more crisp but because of the nature of these images and how abstract and painting like they are, you can't really tell the difference that well.

Thank you

No problem! :)

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thank you! For now the priority is producing more packs and more creatures all with idle animations. Eventually I may go back and add a larger variety of animations for each sprite. I plan to get to around 500 different sprites total though so I can't promise they will all include things like attack, death, move etc.

I love how the game turned out! Impressive indeed and cool to see my sprites come to life. Pretty damn hard as well haha. Gives off spear of destiny vibes. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks a lot!

Thank you!

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This is a great idea! In the future I plan to add this to my projects. I have a limited amount of time to create assets at the moment so I plan to stick with characters for a while longer. ^^

Disco Diffusion

Sure as one example, the Enchanter's bench uses the following prompt:

"An enchanter's workshop filled with magical gems, jewels, artifacts, crystals, wands, and ingots by greg rutkowski, Trending on artstation.", "vibrant fantasy vibe"

You can swap the artist to get slight variations to the overall layout and feel. "filled with" also seems to help by creating the cool depth of field effect most of the time.

They will only be included in a premium tier pack when I finally finish them.

Love these sprites! Colors are fantastic.


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Love the new sprites! Some great animations here! I need to finish off my 4 direction animations as well, definitely takes a bit of time.

Np! takes some practice and experimentation but it can definitely generate some amazing images!

So it is a bit complex to setup and run but basically you need to connect to something called a Google Colab running the AI generator called Disco diffusion 4.1 or 5.0. It allows you to enter text prompts to generate images you want to create. Then finally you can upscale the images to get them larger in size.