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They will be coming back later as their own pack and with improvements as well. If you still want access to them, they are available on my patreon.

Yes that's correct

Yes sure it's ok ^^

Sure no problem!

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Love roguelikes myself, will have to give it a try

The only directions are right and left with flipping and then idle animations. 

Sure np

Sure, no problem! 

Please reach out to me on Patreon and we can discuss further.

Yes indeed!

At the moment I am severely lacking in time. Might be a possibility in a few months though.

Thank you!!

It's a work in progress, will be releasing an entire creature compendium with two new asset packs never seen before not too long from now!

It was a mistake, has now been fixed. Thanks for letting me know

Yes, you can use it in commercial games.

Sure no problem, the dungeon tileset can be found for free here :)

Yes, you are not even required to list me as the author unless you want to :).

Would love to try the game when its finished!

Thank you so much for the kind words! Your content is awesome too, now we just need to make an awesome roguelike with it haha.

You are in luck, there happens to be a package deal right now that is also discounted for the winter sale :)

The dungeon environment is not included in the pack but can be found here for free:

I have completed the first 3 undead, magical, and demons so far, working on the rest over time before a final release. The next ones should come faster as I have less to change! 

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In the magical asset pack, all the spell casters are meant to be human or humanlike. I would wait a couple weeks though as I am nearly done with my rework of those sprites including the spell casters. The holy and mechanical asset pack includes human warriors of various types as well as priests/clerics.

Yep I'm currently going through and doing slight reworks leading up to a full creature compendium release which will feature 450 unique sprites in total, lots of new stuff. Stay tuned it's a work in progess.

Haha, sounds great

Thank you! I hope to finish those animations some day if I get the time :

Would love to see it when it is finished

Sorry no attack animations. What kind of project are you working on?

Awesome! Going to give this a try

All idle animations

My pleasure, How did the game turn out

Deep Dive Game Studio would be great! Thanks for the shout out

Sorry thanks for pointing that out, I will change it shortly. The price is only $2!

Thanks a lot!



Yes as long as you don't use them for NFT and don't resell the sprites as your own assets. 

Half of the sprites are free to use for any project you have besides NFT the other half cost $2 :)

Sorry, no attack animations

Fantastic! I'm a huge roguelike fan so love to hear the sprites are being used for such projects. Will have to give the game a try as well. ^^