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Deen TV

A member registered Jun 07, 2020

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You're**** trying to be coryxkenshin 馃槀 and then you're mad 馃槀 no one's crying laughing nerd

this is your first post, alt account much? stop talking to yourself loser 20 year old (screenshot)

LMFAO who cares about views when you getting money? YOUUUU you're goofy, we are not alike, plus I'm in my 30's and you're 20 something talking about a 9 year old, guess what? screenshot, so what have we learned? I have 1 video that takes a big dump on your whole catalogue, you're sensitive, ANNNND no one's crying laughing while watching you, get money dork

coryxkenshin copycat I have a vid with 4.2 million, so if you want to talk numbers you fall short, go find yourself instead of trying to argue with someone who just said no one's crying laughing at you, sensitive kid

and no one's laughing at your cory kenshin wanna be ahh get your own identity copycat LOL

no one's crying laughing, js

very entertaining

pretty good, left me wanting more

Better Mic, you must get

Very fun

Beat it

so good