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I never met her in my first run. I went in, retrieved the warehouse key, no succubus pair fight happened (IIRC I moved through the lower route between crates I think), I used the key, I navigated the warehouse (also pushed the boxes into place while there) and got to the boss, who I got to and then saw the bad end.

At the time, the game acted like I had her with me in dialogue before the boss fight and then after I lost, the game still acted like she was there during the bad end. So I dunno.

I got to the demon+slimes boss with just one character, I think I missed a trigger somewhere. I also didn't fight the succubus pair the first go so I think I somehow skipped that trigger too. It seems that holding the run button (Shift) or progressing through dialogue too fast seems to cause some events to behave strangely?

In the SRPG portions of the game, do H-skills (and possibly associated CGs) exist? I have seen that there's somewhat of an ecchi scene should you walk into the electric cage walls, but I thought I'd ask if there's anything more (or plans for such), as I much prefer it when there's H in the combat parts of an RPG, otherwise it just feels like I'm walking around on a CG hunt.

It would be nice if there could be an option to change the length the white bar has to be before it lets you go to the cum animation, in addition to an option to have it just automatically cum when the bar fills instead of having to press a button.