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Hey Dev's!!! I have recently played your horror game on my channel and I have to say it was extremely intense!! I love the graphics and how well it was designed!! The sheer environments and sounds scared the holy beejesus out of me!!! I just wanna say great job and I look forward to the final product!! :) here is my playthrough!! My playthrough!!

(1 edit) This game is beautifully designed I loved it!! Wish it was longer though!! Great job dudes!! here is my play through of it!! :)

(1 edit) is by far the best P.T inspired game! It is so incredibly well made! Here is my playthrough :)

(1 edit)

WELCOME BACK TO ANOTHER EPISODE OF MONDAY NIGHT HORROR!! This time dudes we are playing RE 77, This is another P.T inspired game created by an independent developer and it is creepy!!