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congrats on moving to Git! :)

Thanks, fortunately switching to higher res, allowed me to fix it myself. Glad to hear fix is on the way!

Managed to "fix it" by using a computer with higher resolution and move components around so they take less screen space, but if that happened on 4k screen, the whole DB might be lost...


Something happen and for a particular project I cannot see the Design/Config panel anymore.

Any idea how to fix?

Allrighty, will take a look into it then and try to tweak it :D Thanks!

ohhhhh that’s the case xD you just need to be quick about it! Each space at hit bumps the bar a bit, but the bar goes down if you stop ;)

Thanks for the support :) sorry to hear that second stage is not working. Can you share some details? Is it a web(which browser)/win/mac version? Not registering the spacebar key, yes?

Great! Works like a charm - maybe worth adding to the remarks for macOS below the download section?

Also the reason buying on is that I do not have to deal with tragic steam launcher :)

Hey, I have issue with downloaded file. It is not the permissions issue, as described below download section.
I get following message when trying to run unpacked file:

“GridlessDB” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Bin.

Thanks for help!

Very cool idea :)