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Could you try for an upload to steam? that would be great

please help i can't move im on desktop

i really want to send you the animations, and i really do, but i don't have a pixel model so i can make it for you.  i know there are better, more complete games, but they are all just 1st persons. i like how you made it non - 3D and i hope i can make the model myself, but if i can, i bet you'll be able to detect it kinda being noticably different.  i'll still try my best - thanks, ded


oof, i can't find a way to restart. would be handy if there was one xd

I've noticed that,  the thing that goes farthest on the 1st round gets copyed. this means that they will all get stuck in a kinda "hunched" state where they will not progress. i want a tinkle in their brain that, to try more things to see if they go even FARTHER.  i also suggest adding a "do this" kinda thing.  i hope you relize, we could make them walk on II feet, make advanced humans with them not just jumping on their side, but them moving their legs where they move it up and forward then down then do the same on the other side ETC again. you could make their arms instead of jumping, their legs pushing off the ground and then land again on the FEET. all these things would make it more cool. i like it when my springs bounce instead of fall on their side. you DON'T want to leave you're batch of 10 springs for 30ms with 60secs per gen, and when you come back their still on stage I.  its not cool. its a failure. also, add a "support muscle" that supports bones and joints and prevents them from moving. this could make for exampe, the headstay up. i also want a "head" "arm" and "leg" zone tool.  what i want is the head to be made to stay up / sideways / backwards / upside-down / hidden. not "flop down to the ground" and no, i do NOT want my humans moving their heads trying to go forward.  i want them "looking". i want their feet to be always the LOWEST PART ON THE GROUND and their legs moving forwards. and also maybe add a bit of ai "talking" so you're not just looking at walking humans. add a new mode: racing. the farther the first goes, the more "points" it gets. so, imagine this: i have 10 advanced heavly humans who are told to "walk and talk" and they say "oh i love you" or "get out of my face you rude bully" and things that you'd expect.  and they walk past maybe a predetermend "map" and when the reach the other side, it goes to the second batch / gen on maybe DIFFRENT maps. what i think is: they are rewarded more and more points for spawning in speach (that makes sense, of course) and walking. the farther they walked, the more points they got. this is kinda still basic but advanced in how the player makes it. it means: more people making better stuff, then posting that stuff on like a workshop of ideas. you could also allow modding on that workshop. that in my opinion would "open up" the game, and make it complex in the player side, but basic on the game side. however, you decide. i'm only the suggester, and you're the decider.