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Made my own story with this game. This game was funny and light hearted and honestly enjoyed every second. Here's my story using this game for my new apartment. (Great job guys. Inspired me to come up with my own story using your game)

The House community · Created a new topic Rage quit

I was scared as shit then I raged quited! Unbeatable :(

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Hey great concept! Had alot of fun recording it! Check out the let's play! I hope it updates after 6 am!

Gotta share the love of a good indie horror when they pop up! I would play more its a cool concept! too short :(

Hey I love the game, I downloaded it and beat, or did i? but i definitely got an ending, I recorded it for youtube and should have it up tomorrow. Pretty spooky stuff. is there more than one way to beat the game?

Let's play the last light!