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Hey Bandsmen GAMES. Thank you so much for your encouraging words back when we did this Beta release on itch. Since you played our Beta we have been hard at work to release the final product on Steam. If you are interested and curious to see how far we got, this is a link to the Steam page:

have a great day!

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for playing the Beta release of our game. Since then, we made a lot of progress.

Last week we finally released our full project on Steam!

We hope to see you there! :)

Hi Ricquan180, thanks for notifying us! We will look into it and do our best to fix this in the next build.

Thanks for the kind review, it's very satisfying to take that #1 spot! We will do our best to polish it to a better state for Steam, so stay tuned!

Thank you for the extensive feedback. You mention a lot of useful improvement points, some which are on our to-do list as well, but definitely new ones as well! We'll do our best to polish it for the Steam release, so stay tuned!

We would love to see how you play our game, Post here your gameplay video's

Here we will keep the community up to date on our current progress of the game

SKYE - Public Beta community · Created a new topic Random

Post here anything that is relevant to the game :D

We want your feedback, If you dont like somthing or know a way how we can impove, post it here!

Hi there Pilots! We need your help to spot buggs. if you run into a problem in the game make sure to report this here.

We will regualrly check here to update our buglog to fix it as soon as possible.