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I tried it on Android.

Tutorial was so long, tbh I just skipped through it all.

With the little hatch, I found that I wanted to skid and slide around a lot more than I was able to pull off.

The difficulty progression worked really well for me. I lost when I got pincered by a bunch of SUVs.

I never really intended to make a Visual Novel, and I don't play them myself. So the feedback I'm after is really:

  1. Is it fun / interesting?
  2. Is this something you'd like more of?

That's really it. If you have any other feedback, I'd be very keen to hear it.


That was pretty good; it's a neat idea having the remembered path through it. I think there needs to be some additional mechanic on top of just remembering what happens at each node, I have no idea what.

Seeing all the possible paths ahead of time is interesting as well. If you made this more narrative focused, I think you could have some new paths "unlocked" as well.

Cool little game.

This was pretty fun! I had some difficulty with throwing the bodies where I wanted them, but I eventually got okay at it.

Really interesting idea and well presented.

If you haven't downloaded and played this game, you should.

Thanks. I've gotten the same feedback elsewhere. Working on it now.

Hey man, thanks for taking the time to take a look. I've just fixed up the shortcut, it's now a batch file. The Writer should work now as well. 

Again, thanks for taking the time to have a look. I'd appreciate it greatly if you could give it another go.