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Yes that would be great 😊 

Thanks!  My method is using procreate, but you can probably achieve similar things with other programs.

1. create a new layer, fill with a color of your choice

2. Set that layer to a mode like overlay or something similar

3. Adjustments -> Noise to make noise

4. (Optional) In the options, change to multicolor to make it more rainbow-y

Same version 👍

sure no problem 👍 

Thanks!  Someone uploaded a few songs here

It is finished, the updates are for tweaks or bug fixes

I know right! Lol

Yes it should be live as version .92

Well I’d hate to spoil the fun - but try making different choices in scenes with mom :)


Thank you!  I am not sure yet about a sequel but it may happen later on

yep that’s fine 

There is a sfw or nsfw option :D

Thank you! n.n

Please send me a PM on patreon and I will give you a key 

Yes only James is dateable


It should say Version .91 when you boot it up

Yes I have a few more things to update and then I will post it here

Yes until the main story is done

Thank you!

Thanks!  I suppose you could go digging through the games' files and there's a music folder

yea you can buy it via this page when it’s done !

Once the game is complete, estimated July-September 2021

Yes the public version is a demo, beta version is patreon exclusive

yes it’s a placeholder please don’t buy

No the game is not finished yet, I am going to do the first patreon update I think in February

This game does optionally include NSFW scenes.  Updates are patreon exclusive until the game is complete and I don't have a consistent schedule since I have to do art/backgrounds at certain points

I don't have an Android device but once the PC is done I'll see about porting it to other platforms

The patreon is for people who want to support the project but you can also just purchase it when it’s done.

I'm just focusing on PC atm

Thanks glad you like it!