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(lead artist belatedly replying to comments) yeeess thank you!! We all worked so hard on this game!! so glad ppl are enjoying it.. our delicious egg sandwich XDD

(lead artist belatedly replying to comments here) thank you!!! :D :D :D Glad you enjoyed our game and yeeessss join me in the Egg Sandwich :> :> :>

Hey Meerkat! I'm the lead artist for the project! We had music planned, but that ended up falling through (the person was too busy to make it), so I made a Spotify playlist one could listen to while playing the game! I haven't posted a gallery of all the images yet, but I've posted a lot of them on my tumblr, tagged as ILUJam.

Thanks so much for playing our game! I should definitely upload the entire gallery of images at some point, maybe once the game's been released a little longer :)

ahhh omg thanks so much for these kind words+! yeesss the sandwich ending was so fun! Glad you liked our jokes too haha 💛💛 we did have someone to do music at first, but they ended up not being able to do it due to very awesome life changes! katamari music is perf 👌👌 I use a one punch playlist I made on Spotify for my bgm XD