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could be such a good game but you decided to make a hardcore bullsh roguelike out of it. im so sick of this crap.

Also got one. While loading map 1 you can also load the other maps... next screens background then turns grey...

or maybe you degenerate didn't implement the importance of eating...

Quad Pro Quo community · Created a new topic bullshit

has no particular order, if you put your card besides many you have to fight the card you are wekest against. what a bullshit mechanic...

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Jesus, how can controls suck so bad?

no crtl or shift click to put stuff in the inventory?

stuff is highlighted and the mouse symbol is changed to hand or gear. And you really don't think left mouse click is the way to go? MAybe you should think about moving the character next to it and then picking it up or interacting with it...

Also right click on lockpicks, to use or drop them? what?! right click to use them and left click and drag outside the inventory to drop them. easy as pie.

this game really looked promising, but dude there's a lot to do.

I give it another chance but let me run into that trap again to start THIS WHOLE DAMN THING over again and this stuff lands in the trashbin...

EDIT: alright vampire guard killed me. trashbin it is.