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I downloaded the rules--said there would be a demo with it but I'm not seeing it. I don't quite understand how to score it. Looks fun but I'm not 100 percent sure how it is to be played either. 

Thanks for any feedback.

I  figured out the scoring and didn't lose any points on my second try. This is a great game and very addicting! Thanks for sharing.

I just played this for the first time and really enjoyed it. However, I lost 25 points and I have no idea why. :) 

Thanks, I couldn't tell for sure so decided to ask. I appreciate you getting back to me

I purchased your paper pinball holiday gauntlet. I also have Laser Sisters and some others. Just now starting to play them. I have a few questions but I'll start with this one--in the boxes to the right of bumpers, ramps, etc., it says H2 or H4. Sometimes these boxes are blank but sometimes filled in. 

Can you please explain the meaning of these? Thanks.