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I love this game :)

do well, bird

wait where do i get the boat i cant find it

Please make that quiz I beg of you

I bought this in that racial equality bundle. Downloading it was hands down one of the best decisions I've ever made. Every time I boot it up I discover something strange and new, be it a room, an NPC or dialogue. The energy of the game is surreal, cursed, and vaguely forbidden, which just so happens to be a very large part of my aesthetic. Every line of dialogue feels like a fresh shitpost straight off of Tumblr and it's amazing. The poorly drawn graphics just add to the vibe of this modern day masterpiece, and the soundtrack is unironically great. Everything about Sewer Rave shouldn't be as absurdly entertaining as it is, yet the rats do not care, and the game is very fun nonetheless.

All in all, this game is a masterpiece that has been looked over by a community that doesn't see the true appeal and value in it. Surely this game will be an indie cult classic in years to come, and if not, it absolutely should.

hold ESC

if im not mistaken you can change the colours right? also theres mods :)

bonzi buddy 2: electric boogaloo, limited edition goose version

Thank you. I made it so he can't attack my mouse and now he gives me memes and helps me remember to do things. He's a good boy, good friend.

this make me go YES