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A member registered Apr 23, 2020

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hey zero. pc windows build. tnx. love the graphics

havent even downloded it yet and i love it

i love your games sooooooooooo much. you are talented

it keeps telling me that there are no compatible uploads, wtf is going on

i love this soooo much. the characters are amazing, the animations are great and i love the transition between rpg and roguelike. cant wait to see more

any ideas for the release date of chapter 2

thank you that you care buddy. 

hey nami i have a few things i have to get off my heart.

i love your games, all of them, especially this series.

ive been struggling with depression for years now, i felt left out and that no one accepted me except for my one friend, hes also an idiot like me. 

i started playing games on itch a month or two ago and played a bunch of crap. then i got the app and used the randomiser. i found clever fox moxie and saw it was a sequel and followed back to lonely wolf treat. ive never felt so happy in my life. 

nami you changed my life with all your games, your games actually made me forget about red dead redemption 2, i love these games and i want to say you are the best and without you i might not be here today.

good luck with moxie something and lots of love to all your characters

same here i used the apps randomiser and holy frick im soooo glad i did it

im busy downloading this one right now  but unfortunately i have something to say about the games


such cute designs for the characters

the story is awesome

i fell in love with this series from the first minute of lonely wolf treat

but here comes the cons


jk there are none

keep making games dude you have talent ; )

i cant stop playing these games. you are making my life worth while

yep its rpg maker. really love that app. it is available for free but just the light version

huge pleasure man

dude this game is awesome. i would love to see a bigger version of it with a partial story and an actual endgame. if you have played ea's FE that would be an amazing way to make this game. i am a writer for stories if you need some help with a story but this game has potential and i havent even finished the first beast yet


why did you suddenly give it a price, yesterday it was free

it does absolutely nothing.


the game does not even start downloading why?