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man this is such a fun game, the only trouble is every time I come back I forget how to make a motor and pestle >:| 

damn same error happened again but attacking a wasp instead of a mouse :( I defeated the punk this time at least!

love the idea! even if my first playthrough had the character I spent ages making killed by some punk due to confusion about special attacks and then that punk later being killed by this error . 

can't wait to see what comes in the future <3

I love this kind of puzzle! I can't wait to see what this develops into

loved playing this! a really simple but challenging platformer. 
only trouble is I glitched into a wall at one point and because there's no way to go back to the last savepoint or even reset the level I had to quit the game to go back, but everything intentional about this game was very good! 

i'm having the same issue

I've been having trouble getting ending 1. I've tried everything to add more pressure but I just keep getting ending 2 again, or sometimes 3.