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Tried to install and my virus protection service detected a trojan virus in the file

Is there even a single change from the last update? Can't find a single thing and the phones quest page doesn't have anything new. I've even gone to each and every individual location with nothing to find

HOLY SHIT FINALLY. EASILY AND I TRULY MEAN EASILY ONE OF THE BEST PORN GAMES I'VE EVER FOUND. I am BEYOND excited for what more there is to come and I wish every amount of luck during your endeavors

Banger song though

Arachne was really interesting! Also, perhaps you could add armor made out of the enemies in which its damage type is apparent? Like the Boar and Centipede reducing the minus to turn effect. Wolf armor reducing or preventing bleed, and Spider armor against poison? 

i didn't like the faces of the women in this game, but as I continued to play it the entire thing grew on me. I can't wait for future updates, and will soon be checking out your other game

Thanks for the awesome game. I check everyday for a new update

The quest thing is 100% fixed, but Idk why but a fight with a mermaid chick crashed the game. I did the refuse option for the plus 20 coins and when it left back to larklasts wild area the music disappeared and I couldn't move or open the menu

theres also a glitch with the mermaid monster women in larklast, their text is broken on the second option during the finished reward scene

Man I reeeeeeally hate to do this because I could totally get infinite EXP, and Gold, but uhhhhh infinite quest glitch in Larklast? You can redo the root quest Sthae gives you over and over again

It did, and also allowed me to leave the menu I had be stuck in. thank you!

Lol lost my saves, but oh well. I just noticed another glitch!!! Something happened while I was looking at the new stats thing. Im stuck in those options, back doesn't work, and my little blue and white horse is in the background and faces whatever direction my arrowkeys press

Oh shit I encountered a bug bug. Larklasts market, just straight up crashes the game and tells you to press f5 to restart

Oh wow, my very own code. 0.0. It seems to have worked, so thank you very much. Imma enjoy seeing what the new update has in store now

You know what, upon further investigation it seems I actually just can't sleep. After the first encounter, I can no longer sleep in my chamber, and the only place that lets me progress to a new day is the first towns inn. When I attempt to sleep alone, I get moved out to the shrines menu after reading the day I was already on being shown. Example being I sleep in the original town on day 14, going into day 15. Returning to the shrine and attempting to sleep alone simply tells me it is now day 15, as it already was, with no story or day progression

Thanks for the update! I noticed that as well, but didn't see any way to increase points for traits so I'll assume its yet to be implemented. I didn't realize how actively you checked your feed, considering the quality of past games being as high as they are (imo at least). While I'm at it, I'll point out that 2 quests seem to be broken, as the time travel bit from the ghost in the chamber had been completed but the quest itself says ongoing in larklast. I figured, maybe I missed something? But after several days of sleeping in random places and talking to everyone I found nothing. The other is the robbery one, which I know I had completed as well, despite its refusal to admit it

Upon checking again, it enters the option to flirt with her before booting you out of the inn, and she does show up in the menu for devouts but thats it.

Due to the addition of Fruits and other foods that are new from the original game, are there going to be crafting foods? Other ways to gain HP MP and maybe temporary buffs, or are they simply things to sell? If so, would there be crafting for items as well? Maybe getting a thousand hide from that one monster gives you a pretty powerful chest piece? Or a few hundred antlers a pretty powerful helmet? Such things would be interesting to give you more reason to collect outside of their original quests. And will stats and stat leveling ever be reintroduced? It was one of my favorite bits of the original, but due to how easy it was to become ridiculously strong with God of wealth boosting Str build, I understand why it had been removed

A game for the backlogs or forever unfinished?

This is all after the flirting succeeds, you spend the God points, and it enters her scene

She is somebody the game allows you to recruit, but from my understanding it doesn't register that she's now a recruit anywhere, and her dialogue has been completely removed with the option to talk to her still there in the inn, and selecting her name boots you all the way out of the inn and back to larklasts menu 

I'd like to address a few issues I've had with the game so far. The newest town Larklast has a a woman named Sthae, who upon convincing her to join you as a worshipper, doesn't appear to have any effects. Her name still shows in the inn but you're immediately forced into the town menu after clicking onto it. Another, is that staffs like the solar staff aren't given a slot to be equipped on, and can be found, but unable to be equipped, in an option labeled "Back" Which is white colored. I also would like to address the issue with quests. Their nonexistence in the quest list in your menu and a lack of hints makes it a little too hard to be expected to complete even half of the main quests, as I had to rely on my experiences with the first version in order to progress. Love the game, and am really excited for updates here, but pls do something about the little bugs here. With lots of love from a big fan, I'll be signing off for now PaperWaifu

Hahaha? Glad to see you making some progress here! I know making this has got to be a bitch, but here you are hammering further in. 

Awwww what happened to the Goddess you fight in the old version?

Sthae.butt ass? This is found on the 2nd flirt text after you use god points to unlock her. Also man I am LOVING the revisit of this rpg

Hey don't sweat it! I believe things will progress positively. Good luck, and hopefully things work as you want them to soon

I got pretty far into the game when it was fully text based without all the decoration. Are there plans to finish the game, all the way to where you could even get a goddess as a devotee and beyond?

No way you're revisiting this??? I'm so happy TwT

The Godhood Chronicles community · Created a new topic Sad

People are still waiting on a continuation to this game... Yes your next two games are beautifully made, but this one with its interactions and stat based fighting mixed with all the erotic scenes was so good, and plenty that still follow would jump at even the tiniest updates you know

Hey there! Remember me? Just wanted to say good luck with the development, and I really hope things go well and you don't give up on the project!!! This will be a great and beloved game as long as you keep pushing through

Well good luck! hope you've recovered! Im sure me and plenty of other people will enjoy the finished game, or whatever content you manage to squeeze out until then. Make sure you don't overwork yourself though, take your time. Im sure you know people want a game that took forever that they enjoyed, rather than a game they got quickly but regret playing.

too much lag, monsters and the character move way too quickly, and whats the point in a stamina bar that refills almost as fast as you shoot? and why tf is stamina used to shoot fire balls????? sorry Im in a bad mood so this probably sounds rude af. it was a decent game 7/10

Ps! if you want any advise on how to make this better feel free to contact me! Im more than happy to point out any flaws in the text based gaming, without of course telling you how to fix it ^^

Ive noticed this game is basically crap, but seriously this has awesome potential and hey, you know at least one person has checked this out. please, dont lose hope! finish this game and I dont doubt I wont be the only one watching out for an update!

Yeah, gg im still scared by hard mode though

One hell of a true end XD

I feel like hard mode should be normal mode, i beat the normal on my first try but the hard was tough, great game though!