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Still, thank you for taking the time to read my comment and consider the possibility.

I hope everything goes well with part two! 

Dear creators,

I thoroughly enjoyed watching a play through of this game. I am fond of stories that play with human psychology, and this game achieved that in such a clean manner. If I had to pick something to dislike, it would be that you can't flush the toilet! (Kidding.)
I'm excited for the future development of this game and the additional stories that come along with it. 

I was wondering how you (as in the team as a whole) would feel about a novel version being released, though. It could be of just Matt's story or it can cover all the characters once the game is fully developed. Another consideration would be not to involve the game's protagonist(s) at all but instead the corrupt corporation from an outside view point.

My point is I am interested in making a novel based on your game. (So much I literally just made this account to comment all this.)  Unless you have a better idea that could benefit both parties, I'd write it and release it for free. Of course I'd make it obvious that it is based on this game so the awareness of this game grows and gains solidity. 

If you're interested in my idea please give me a form of contact to the person on your team I should be discussing the details with.
If you feel this is unneeded or just plain unwanted, then no hard feelings. I'd rather ask and get rejected than write it without permission. 

Regardless, thank you for taking the time to read this!