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I prob am due to my stupidity

Btw this is on Browser

Fun Fact: DO NOT put 2 separate druids beside each other, they will cancel each other out


Cool Game!

I like the Style and the way the weapons work

(although I'm pretty sure bow and arrows kinda stink... :/)

Uhh i found a bug

It's been more then 15 sec and yet they won't move

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That would be Epic

you should do it

Sweet :D

Really cool game but  kinda wished you undated it

if I press space it does nothing, you can hear the game over music but you can't do anything what-so-ever

might just be my computer but it keeps happening to me

And on bonus 4 when you die you arn't able to restart

Btw thereś an bug where the game just stops on Bonus 2

Cool Game! :D


How do you scan a QR code on a Chromebook?

Spent my money on this shitty thing to "work"  and I'm starting to regret not getting a phone

Well crap still a million is a lot

But hey the new towers are pretty cool

also 1 million sussy bucks yipee

The fact that this might be the last free version is kinda sad has for one I'm broke and two i play on a school computer :(

Yay Cool update

Don't ninjas already die to mines?

Kewl :D

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You should add more towers like one that boosts the other towers like stun protection and such

But overall very fun made it to around wave 230 on hard :D

ohh i fancy a cof- Never mind

wow that was some hard anti-climax lol

Cool game but it's lacks decor but overall I like the way the game works

ha ha


kewl game i rate it 10 fish out of -1 water (10/10