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Image because i'm an idiot and forgot iy

Hello :D

sy to say but the game just straight up crashed when I used a heavy hammer

ok bye bye have a good day :D

also Bunny summon when?🤔

take a while

kinda wish it could run in the background tho -~-

Can you add a way to download your save?

cool game

like the mechanics

makes my head hurt trying to win lol ^-

The game is pretty fun

If I had money I would buy this on steam (when it comes out of course)

Keep up the good work

also bunny summon? (that would be cool)

ok bye bye have a good day :)

This game is fun :D

I like the way the menu moves with the cursor

that was cool ngl

Does shuffle give you balls that you haven't unlocked? or does it give you what you have, a pat on the back and tells you to go break a leg

Nevermind my entire game just reset itself so not all my data is completely gone QnQ

Does our data use cookies or can it transfer to other computers

Cool game

Fun game 

Don't like the fact that the game throws you in without saying anything

Fun :D

Fun :)

It alr

take your time

There Must be LORED Lore lol

Is it me or when you get a shield you become immortal?

yay new update

Progress btw


Hey Cool game

tho it takes forever to progress (sometimes)

But overall fun

I'm on google chrome on a Chromebook

but sad part is

data go bye bye


can't wait for 1.3

would join discord but i angered the discord mafia so no

This game is really fun to play

Not only is the music really good 

its fun to play

also, this also reminds me of a game called Plants vs Zombies

although there are some things I need to say aka ideas you prob already heard for the 100th time

one maybe add a timer before the wave starts and when the wave ends

more plants and stuff like that yada yada 

also, every time I go into full screen this happens

send help

overall cool game :D

I prob am due to my stupidity

Btw this is on Browser

Fun Fact: DO NOT put 2 separate druids beside each other, they will cancel each other out


Cool Game!

I like the Style and the way the weapons work

(although I'm pretty sure bow and arrows kinda stink... :/)

Uhh i found a bug

It's been more then 15 sec and yet they won't move

(1 edit)

That would be Epic

you should do it

Sweet :D

Really cool game but  kinda wished you undated it

if I press space it does nothing, you can hear the game over music but you can't do anything what-so-ever

might just be my computer but it keeps happening to me

And on bonus 4 when you die you arn't able to restart

Btw thereś an bug where the game just stops on Bonus 2

Cool Game! :D


How do you scan a QR code on a Chromebook?

Spent my money on this shitty thing to "work"  and I'm starting to regret not getting a phone

Well crap still a million is a lot