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I will abolsutely keep and eye out for it's release and will defintiely be playing it. Also sick collectibles on your shelf haha.

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Absolutely brilliant game, loved the concept and such a beautiful colour palette and design. 

Would love to see a longer version of the game or a sequel of sorts :P Props to you mate, you made something awesome that really stands out from the crowd of Siren Head games!

Issue with completing the game, seems the objective marker appears too high on the bridge section and you can't advance from there. Hopefully get's fixed soon :)

I thoroughly enjoyed this short experience. Especially the twist, it caught me off guard. I look forward to seeing what you guys release next, very impressed by your work!

(Game startes at 13:05 for anyone interested) 

Creepy and atmospheric game that had me feeling like I was being followed the entire time. Really gave me the heebies :P Keep it up guys!

I can genuinely say that this game scared me half to death haha. I would love to see a full game like this made by you guys!

(Game 2 - 5:36)

Great little game witha  nice dark twist. I couldn't get the  secret knock on the door thing to work, I counted both the number of clicks and knocks on separate runs and couldn't se a difference. However still a great little experience!

A very unique horror game. I loved the on rails experience because it made me afraid to almost turn corners haha. Great concept and I look forward to your future works!

This was a fantastic remake of the original PT and gave me a chance to experience the absolute terror that I missed all those years ago. You guys rock and i'm looking forward to seeing your future work!

This was an extremely fun game that blended both comedy and horror together very well, would 100% recommend giving it a go!