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Also, I'd love to play chapter 2 when that drops is there any release date on that yet?

This scared me WAY more than it should've bro 😭

scary ass game

Love the graphics so much I wish this was longer

I literally knew the jumpscare was coming and it still scared me lmfao

I had no idea what to do...

Him being by the bathroom door made my soul leave my body (It's the second game in the video btw)

The ending caught me so off guard

Sad it's so short

Looks better than real life

Man I really wish this was longer I loved playing it

I loved this game so much.

Love the way the game looks it's so nostalgic 

My first souls experience and it was a Minecraft game lmao

This game is a full-blown masterpiece 

Literally, the scariest game I think I've ever played in my entire life.

Loving your games so far man. I hope you play more soon.

Very baller game

Genuinely scared me lmfao

This game was mad funny

Actually really fun ngl


Will there be a full game?

Don't worry I won't post it 500 times this time lol (Loved the game btw)


this game was actually SO well made I loved it!

very spooky 😀

My fault og 👺

Love it!

Scared tf out of me and idk why

Quality Stuff man

Loved this game a lot!

Wish it was longer :(

Loved this game

Patricks a whole menace 

Probably my favorite video ive ever done

This game is horrifying!