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So I'm on my lunch break today, trying to clear the bridge layout after 39 straight losses. Getting closer and closer to the end, I'm sure I've made a bad match and it'll be loss 40. But probably about 5 matches from the end, I could see that I'd won. That was such a huge rush for me.

I've been playing Sparrow Solitaire on my lunch breaks the last few weeks and I have to say this is the perfect playdate game for quick gameplay sessions. If you like puzzle games, definitely give this a go. It is well worth $8 and it will be well worth $10. If you don't mind a game where you can make a mistake in the first few moves that will absolutely doom you later on, pick this one up! I have logged 21 hours of game time on Sparrow Solitaire and I am nowhere near done yet.

I'm on manjaro and not having a problem. I enabled "Allow executing file as program" on the .x86_84 file and then linked it up to Lutris and I was good to go.

This is a really neat game. I had to restart once because I got stuck in an infinite fall. There's one point in the game where you can clip through a wall it makes a fantastic dress woosh noise. At another point, if you jump up towards a pillar, it flings you across the screen. Great stuff!