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The Death Squad

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Thanks for the link.

Quite an addictive little game.

Not sure when it will be released, (could be this week if the rain continues!) but I want it to be a bit more than a re-skinned version of MM.

On the surface it looks (and plays) similar but I've employed new code routines which use a lot less memory which means I can pack more in.

The original intention was to make this a puzzler but its way too fast and frantic for that so I'll stick with the original shooter format. 

I will be looking for play testers at some point to get feedback, so if you are up for it I will release a demo for you to sample.

Cheers mate!

Yeah, wouldnt mind having a look.

Nice work. Very professional.

Cheers mate.

Cheers pal!

It uses Sinclair RHS 6789 & 0.

No Kempston support unfortunately.

What are you playing it on?

Nice one.

Much appreciated pal, and to think this game very nearly never seen the light of day.

Scoring was a bit of a problem, originally you could knock up ridiculous scores by shooting stuff and not actually progressing very far, thats why I went for 1000 points per completed level.

I tried the time bonus arrangement but it wouldnt fit in the limited space available for that routine.

Not entirely sure what the ZTG is but I might include it in future releases.



Cheers mate, I'd forgotten all about it until the Next got delivered and I opened an old Spectrum folder looking for some games.

Theres a few more unfinished games in that folder I'll endeavour to finish and release at some point.

Finally got round to testing it on the Next, couldnt get into the code though, BREAK just resets.

Struggling to get to grips with the Next if I'm honest.

Anyhow in the meantime I have a new Speccy game for you to have a look at called Mutant Mushrooms.

A Robotron type affair inspired by your Cloud People release.

Looking forward to this release, will there be a Next version?

I wouldnt mind a physical copy if there is. 

Looks interesting. Gonna give this a try at the weekend.

Its the code for the Next version that intrigues me. 

I'm looking at doing a few  games for the next using the layer2, sprites and WAV but so far I'm a bit flummoxed with the KS2.

And I cant get the Cspect emulator to work properly.

I delved into the code to find the homework/go to your room scolding.

Gonna have a look at the coding this weekend, still cant get my head round the NextOS yet though.

Not  a bad effort for your first game, will try the Next version this weekend.