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That's neat! Definitely a test of movement :D It's pretty fun ^_^

Looking through games I've faved and came back to this one :> did the other (one of the other?) endings and was surprised I liked both options just as much :3

Oh that was a nice little game. It gave me feels.

pretty fun :D and looks great too :3 

It's certainly very cool! Thanks for sharing/ showing :3

very fun :D I'll definitely be trying this a few more times. :3

been working on it for a lil... I am NOT good at puzzles XD the lil obstacles are hard for me XD

but i wanted to compliment you on the art and such, IMO the game looks very good :3

I will likely try to progress later, but i am not what one would call a 'pro gamer' XD

Cute game :> I got  a lil frustrated figuring out the right dialogue options for a while, and what to do after XD but it was in a fun way.

I liked the concept of the game, too , it was unique.

Thank you for sharing the game. It was very heartbreaking... maybe I will try it again taking different options. 

I don't have as much fatigue as someone with Rae, but I have a different invisible illness, and its such a battle to get recognition and see if you can find a good doctor. I'm still in that process sadly.

The game is really cute so far! I love the atmosphere and the cute characters.
However, for some reason I'm struggling to prepare Lilac's part of the potion... I can't figure out how to cut the vegetables. 

Does anyone else know how?