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sorry to inform you of this. I hate Patreons stance and business model. and their stance they once took that was going to shaft ALL creators on their fees. so unless your willing to allow funding by at least some funding here. or by Subscribestar, or Ko-fi, I will have to forgo buy this. good luck though. I really wish you well. also, some thoughts/questions. have you thought of using Windows 10 Widgets Framework for this? it might actually work. Especially for being able to seamlessly integrate on desktop.

would love just 1 thing. and would then for sure pick this up. along with maybe MGG. Pregnancy. they would take a week, or even a month to come to term.

I'd adore being FEMALE. please fix!

of course "not as mammals do it". but, that kinda IS a pregnancy. or is it Eggnancy system. or, aka MC gets fucked, MC gives Birth to something. :giggles:

I wonder, do you plan on adding in Pregnancy?

have you tried using WINE? I play this game on Linux just fine with PlayonLinux.

gotta say, for a $5 game that you did good. and either way, even if you don't develop it more it was left at a good place. it FEELS done. and next game? 3D Captivity would be :giggles: A lot of hilarity. Especially if you do traps. I could just see protaganist suddenly have a tentacle tickling her pussy, and if she doesn't move? BOOM, pregnant.

is the the Patreon or Free version? I honestly can't stand, and Never support patreon. but do desire to help whenever I can

can you enable pay what you will on here? I'd like to make a 1 time payment to help!

greetings, I'm making a collection of games around Impregnation/pregnancy and wonder does your game include that or do you plan on including that content?

does this include impregnation as planned content?

will the game include impregnation?

same, tentacles and rape maybe?

can you knock up the Catgirl?

will this have pregnancy?

question. what kinks are within the game? 

might I ask, what does this include within #NSFW? I found this while searching for adult games and was just curious. does seem to look neat though. Good work!

I'm wondering does this game include Impregnation?

and can  you PLEASE list them, so people can actually buy it? thanks

love it,  gonna use it hopefully. thanks though for making it.