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A member registered Mar 21, 2022

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this game was sooo goood you really put your foot into this game i loved it!

thank you and yup its chrome that im using

fr the bot difficulty is way way waaay to hurt you step out for a split second and your immediately gunned down

on controller only B and A buttons do anything really cool though although i suck at it lol great work love it

also great soundtrack 

game isgreat when people are actualy on

does controller work?

nvm it was my screen lol

its stuck for me super zoomed in i can't click anything (menu screen)

the game no longer loads


it also STRESSES the hell out of me i see him coming and i lose it lol

the atmoshphere is scary first fnaf spinoff to scare me in a while

an awesome game though nice job 

humans vs dinosaurs on humans team is practically unwinnable unless your a god 

it doesnt load