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Haha, yeah, this was built for our studios internal "Game in a Day" that we do every other Monday. The control scheme was the idea we were playing with. Most of these game, the meter represents the power bar. In this game, it's actually the "Accuracy" bar. So if you pull way back, you're dictating the power and then if you let go right as the bar as at the top and green, it will be very accurate and basically go exactly where you aimed at. If you don't, it will be very inaccurate.

But yeah, it shouldn't go backwards hahaha. Definitely need to do a little patch for that a couple other things. If we revisit this game 2 weeks from now I think we'll either add wind, curved throws and collisions or we might go big and try for procedurally generated levels. We'll see.

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, we realized a couple unfortunate bugs right at the deadline. Super bummed as we think we had a pretty fun gameplay loop, but hey, that's game jams for you lol. Thanks for trying it out and stay tuned as we will be ironing out the bugs after the jam and putting a little more polish on it (like adding mobile controls) so you can chill on your couch and become a true Pot Legend!  Stay tuned! <3

The art and music were great! I really like this idea in general and would love to see more gameplay. I wasn't quite sure if any of the static buffs were doing anything. I got to a point where I would destroy the ship in two hits regardless and then it didn't seem like anything I chose after that (atk speed or damage) made any difference. Otherwise, great premise and a super fun idea.

This was an incredibly enjoyable experience! The story was a beautiful touch and the switch at the end made it sooo satisfying to stick it to The Bowler lol, that guy sucks! Really creative and a great story... only downside is I'm afraid I'll have the "duh duh duh duh duh duh" song stuck in my head for the rest of the day hahaha.

Absolutely agree. Thanks for playing and for the genuine feedback! We're planning on releasing a more polished version after the game jam and add mobile controls as well for a more accessible experience. There are two core ideas that we weren't able to implement that we believe will really round out the fun: Kiln Upgrades to unlock better pots, Magic pots that add buffs/fun abilities. Give us a follow if you'd like to be notified when we give it a little more elbow grease!

Thanks so much for the response and for playing our game! Yes, the original plan was to have Kiln upgrades that allowed for unlocking better pots. The porcelain pots were also going to be magic and buff adjacent pots, etc... we had to scope down just to be able to finish on time though haha. We were a bit too ambitious for a 48hr jam, but I am glad we were still able to submit, despite the bugs!

Hahaha, yes, one of a handful of bugs unfortunately. We actually made a hilarious game over cinematic but it fails to play :( Such a bummer. We'll patch it post jam!

Yo thanks! Yeah, so disappointed I wasn't able to iron out the bugs before the jam was over. I will be giving this a little TLC after the jam though so if you're interested, give us a follow and you'll be notified when we throw a little more work into it.  Thanks for playing!

LOL very fun game, I got to like lvl 23 or 24. Hilarious idea and chill game!

238k high score... wow, wtf, so much fun! Excellent job!

Haha thanks for playing and for the compliments. I wish we had more time to iron out some of the bugs and to give just a little bit more of a tutorial. 

To answer your question, you just stand on top of one of the floor mats and press 'E' again to place a pot! I'll add this to the game's description for future players. Cheers!

Thanks so much for checking it out and for the kind words! Much appreciated!

Thanks for playing! We're obviously disappointed we weren't able to get the bugs ironed out before the jam ended but we are planning on updating it after the jam. Give us a follow if you'd like to get a notification when we update it! And thanks for playing!

Hey there, thanks for playing our game! This is the dev here, I think I'm going to spend some time after the jam to iron out the bugs and add mobile controls. We also had a plan to upgrade the kiln, unlocking more pots over time, that I'd like to see implemented as well. Very fun concept to work on and glad to see interest! Give us a follow if you'd like to be notified when we add an updated/bug free-ish version!

Damn, got stuck on level 12. Great puzzle game! 

I really love the thought behind this. It was somewhat hard to form a strategy without trying to memorize everyone's specialization so if there was a way to help the player strategize a bit more I think this game could really have some fun directions to take it. Great job and I DID get the promotion!!! hahaha. 

wow, this is beautiful! Excellent example of taking a simple game mechanic and just making it an absolute masterpiece. Incredible. I love it. Super well done! I had to constantly decide between saving my frogs and making sick ass music with the lily pads lol. Incredible experience!

Thank you! 

I played this for way longer than I planned on. Very satisfying watching the palading just slay wave after wave of enemies. Really enjoyable 'idle-like' experience. Great work!

Love the idea. Makes me wanna make a cozy fish game lol. The music matched the art really well!

We had a similar idea but didn't do it. I love the way you turned the game mechanics of being "the cloud" into something pretty fun. Well done!

We had a similar idea but didn't do it. I love the way you turned the game mechanics of being "the cloud" into something pretty fun. Well done!

Super creative game. Well done and I enjoyed the ending! Very fun

Hahahaha, fight fire with fire I guess. Fun take on the theme.

Beat it and enjoyed every level. I'm a sucker for platformers and this was a fun take on the traditional style of game. Well done!

Awesome idea, hard af!!! lol, soooo hard haha, loved it!

Super creative idea! Hahaha took me a sec but loved it. Was streaming for my brother and he wanted me to keep playing! lol

Damn, super impressive! I'll have to circle back around on this one to see if I can crack the leaderboard.

Hahaha took me a second to understand but really fun overall. Just the right amount of frustrating.

Great idea! Controls were a little confusing but I got the hang of it. Very fun idea but super hard

Haha, as a lover of bullet hell games this was fun. Great idea, would love to see a few more levels and a what a more challenging difficulty might look like!

Thanks! We had a great time working on it. Definitely some bugs after the fact unfortunately. It was a pretty ambitious project for us personally and I think we got about 80% to where we originally wanted it to be. Overall, very fun process and learned a lot! Thanks for playing!!!

Very fun idea for a puzzle platformer. Played well, bug free from my playthrough and really enjoyable and challenging. I played it for longer than I initially planned on. Great work!

Very fun idea for a puzzle platformer. Played well, bug free from my playthrough and really enjoyable and challenging. I played it for longer than I initially planned on. Great work!

Thanks for playing. Yeah, we realized there was an unfortunate bug with the UI in some cases that does that. Disappointed but still had a great time participating in the jam and learned a lot!!!

Hahaha, the struggles of Game Jam dev life. Definitely buggy unfortunately but glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing

Hahaha for sure