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Deadly Turtle Games

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I know there are some bugs in the game guys but after all its an Early access game, Game breaking bugs have been already fixed and will be added to next patch 

Feel free to repot any Bugs you will find guys and please give the game a rating with what you liked and what you didnt .. 

Ok the word is  ( DEATH ) all capitals 

The riddle is writen in english at the main page but i save you some trouble by retype it here ( theres many around you but only one is diferent .. find him and you shall find the password ) if you stuck on how to use the elevator ... with 1 in keyboard goes up with 0 goes down 

1.3.0 patch will come soon wich fixes the lighter bug and adding a new map for you to explore 

Dont wanna spoil it for you but i give you the riddle ( theres many around but theres just one diferent ... find the riddle and the door will open )

There wasnt really  ready when you played that version, i hope you can try  the new update you gonna like it much much more i promise you :) but thx anyway for playing that very very early version