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banban 4

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frick ban ban on play store 4th on oct

I'm loving all of them its great world building. 

Is this after the don't look up. Love all these games

Thank you very much I havnt felt a game liek this in awhile. Its like the first time I started up morrowind back in the day.

Are you gonna update the demo to the steam current one or should I just get that.

If this was a student project you have an amazing future ahead of you, you made this your own with an amazing flair. Thank you so much and can't wait to see what you do in the future 

Well dwarf fortress is dec 6th officially and orange on the discord has been pretty adamant about 2022 for fear and hunger termina and December is all that is left   

So Fear and Hunger 2 Dec in 2022 and Dwarf Fortress steam in dec 2022..... Am I dead?

Awesome this is the content I love from GZ doom.

I have so many doom TC and this one stands out alot. The new enemy designs are awesome and I cant wait to see more 

Any chance we can get a download for this demo that would be great. Im loving this so much

I purchased the game a year ago where can I find my steam key or is the post here gonna be updated to 1.0 


Can I change the resolution,Its all a little close  

All good thanks i love this alot

Can we get a download of this up I love it and would really enjoy playing again atto really think about what is going on

IS it still in devolpment 

good game but a lot of random freezing after texts, had to do multiple restarts 

You are killing it lately you got your own scp like universe going on here and im loving it Hey someone has uploaded a version of your game and its a virus I would just watch out 

this is it loving this

I would enjoy that, I have a entire scp game folder and this would fit nicly

killing it, this needs to continue, you are blowing up some big horror youtubers are playing this now.  You need to move forward you might have just created something big and its amazing to watch unfold. Good Luck 

Im glad its all sorted out

This dude stole your game