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Samurai Pizza Cats one our households favorite 90s anime. The lore behind the show is fun. The theme song even includes the fact that the scripts didn't make it from Japan to the US for translation.

Yeah we are in Texas our house that didn't have portable AC units or fans was over 90 indoors areas with fans in the 80s and the portable AC units had high 70s but we didn't have many of those at the time. 

Currently we are doing some rework on our Survival Guide game then we will be coming back over to Card Fantasy. We even have some pregens planned hopefully by the end of the year. We plan to release them as digital card packs with npcs/pregens characters and some additional enemies to encounter. Each set will be in card form similar to the books as well as a text version. We are hoping to launch those with art but will work them in as we can. Each set will be themed. Pirates, Magical school etc. Let us know if any themes you'd like to see!

Thanks, working with this style is new for us and we are starting with a lot of available resources. We haven't settled on some art pieces and hope to finish up the look soon. We were also without AC for a bit so we're behind on our updates and add ons for games. 

Sorry the updated version is still coming we had a family issue arise. It should be live by the end of the weekend at the latest.

Thank you for catching this. We will get a new version out tomorrow.

Hey folks so the updates we mentioned here are being broken up into three updated releases.

1. Organizations Section. This was not a part of the original game rules but We did have a set of rules or formula for making them. We cleaned it up and rewrote a few of my consistent use organizations. (We should be able to get this out this weekend.)

2. Updated Enemies Section. We found some notes while cleaning recently about an expanded version of the enemies section. This was never play tested and is a little rough around the edges. We are cleaning it up and converting the current enemies to the new one. We like these rules better and remember why we had started working on these. We only stopped due to us moving in a much smaller place and not taking any of our games we were working on and only played games we had physical books for. (We might get this out this weekend)

3. Expanded Running the Game Section. We had a few folks reach out about wanting more for the running the game section. We weren't sure what to add and with the limited time that we have had as of late we have not given much thought to this to be honest. We hope to get this looked at this weekend. I am also going to be tossing this to someone and ask them what they think I could add. If you have any suggestions or wants for this let us know. 

LD 'Enbymechpilot' - Designer

Thank you!

Yeah if the medbay was available in the demo it wouldn't be so bad or if the frequency wasn't so high for it. Its an interesting mechanic but with out the full ability to guage what the med bay could do to counter it it's a difficult mechanic to like for the demo purpose.

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As it stands its okay. My main issue is how often folks have mental breakdowns and you can't do anything about it. It makes the demo feel incomplete.

Do you have tutorials because I have never seen such amazing graphics for Pico8

This game is absolutely amazing and scratched an itch I haven't been able to scratch in a long time. While it can take a minute to get the hang of the game is a lot of fun. Would be nice if you choose to continue playing a level there is a way to end and go to the next one with out having to go to the main menu and clicking of the map to then click on the next stage. 

So medabots is about having a robot that fights for you. You can bet bot parts and win those. For the most part folks buy a bot and keep it. They have a medal that acts like an AI that acts like a soul too. 

What do y'all think about a game based on the Medabots cartoon/anime?

Thank you so much!

Will the .exe be returned anytime soon? No matter which download button I hit it shows its downloading the .dmg file.

Well Nuns won my poll on twitter. I will start that work soon. With the time constraints I may end up not putting in the lifepath system for this version and finish it later. 

My two games in the bin id have to pull out and dust off are. 

Carbon Punk - A world like ours but where all people are anthropomorphic animals. The world now lives in contained cities using processors to pull carbon from the air to use as fuel. No one wanted to do anything about the pollution and now its too late. This game uses a hybrid system that shares similarities to fudge/fate, powered by the apocalypse and blades in the dark. Carbon Punk takes place at the first point in history that no one alive was alive before the carbon filled the skies. Your characters will operate mechs known as Junkers that use Carbon Cubes to fuel their abilities fighting against pirates, corporations, 

Ruin Nuns - Anime inspired game about Nuns that battle Nuns from other faiths and organizations in regards to discoveries in ruins. You are a part of a group of Nuns that are focused on helping the Rune Items fulfill a wish or hope. This can be getting them to a market to be sold and used again, to be able to tell the stories of their long lost people or even to be used by the Nuns in their fight against Ruin Robbers and the perils that protect the Ruins they explore. This is an offshoot of the currently unpublished Runes and Ruins rpg. Ruin Nuns uses a more specific non setting. The Lost Civilizations disappeared 25,000 years ago. Modern people and their civilizations began around 10,000 years ago. The lost civilizations offer stories from people who no longer exists except for those whose souls were attached to Rune Items. 

Congrats on your new release!