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very amazing I love the progress so far

has anyone here ever got past buying the emoji pack for Tricia I think it is bugged because every time I close the messenger app it takes my money but I have to do it again and it won't work. I think I have spent almost 50 bucks trying to get it to work myself

same I was just about to comment that but I wanted to see if someone else has gotten through it

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I can't seem to be able to find the blacksmiths place lol can anyone tell me where it is

(edit) I am at the part where you have to get "toys" from her

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is there a way to access the position? because it is not working for me I use PC btw

great game 10/10

great game. really liked the plot to it!


proving that we all just are as always as the other person

what Pokemon on

great game but why so cringe bro


earrape muc