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I’ll check it out. The computer it’s not necessary to complete the demo. 

Yep, down the line she’ll get updated content. 

Goes free February 1st

Maybe try a different browser.

Don't rename it, just unzip it using your file browser. 

Not sure. Did you check the game settings? And no discord.

If you downloaded the demo, it says v1.0. The $5 version is v0.11

Update 12 will take a while. I’m working on other projects until the end of the year. 

Of course, enjoy!

The walkthrough is downloadable for free.

Gotta unzip it. Apk is inside.

Cheats are only for the full version. I'll have to fix that for the demo.

Hi, it's okay. I understand what you meant now.
As for the recommendation, it's all up to what you like and don't like. Besides the one change they're the same game.

You will have to start a fresh save file, sorry, I should have put that in the description. There is a way to skip past old content when restarting. 

Shouldn't be. Have you played before? Did you start a new save file?

v.11 is vanilla

v.11i contains incest

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Not a dumb question. And yes, every update is an additional $5. I treat the page an alternative to my Patreon for early access. All versions go free after 3 months.

Demo is a demo version with only a few scenes. 

v.11 is the Beta version with all completed content so far. 


v11 has no incest what so ever.

Lol, this is a very Non-Canon crossover. In reality they're not actually connected, it was just to promote both games. Thanks for your TED TALK though.

Being redone for v.11. It's out November 6th.

I'm gonna try to get one with all the gals of BoL at some point or another! Maybe multiple with Lorraine, only time will tell.

Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed!

Happy Halloweeeeeeen

There will be continued stories for every character! Charlotte included, she'll be getting extra content when the time comes.

And VA's have been hired for all of the characters that are in game currently. Thanks for playing. ^^

It’ll only be available for purchase. I’ve left a sample in the description. 

I was planning on it, I'm going to run some tests soon. ^^

I'm using 7.5

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Thanks man! She’s getting her remastered degrade route next update, along with pregnancy. Nov 5th is the release date. 

Other characters will take a while. 

I have to look into that. Which guide are you using? It may be outdated.



weird, thanks

I will still post updates here and on Patreon. The Kickstarter was to help with some expenses, but if it doesn't pan out, the game will still continue. 😁

I may or may not live outside your window.


Yes it’s completely avoidable, the prompt makes it very clear. 

Keep fighting the good fight of insulting creators man, it’s a great look.