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de Freitas

A member registered Jan 31, 2019

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I want to play your game ever since i saw one snapshot of it! Although i'm only getting into game development this year, i can relate somewhat to your frustration about your design decisions. I Design and develop sites, and sometimes i tackle the task of doing a web product of my own, and frequently an ambitious one xD

i'm not going to throw suggestions at you because I cannot think of anything smart that could make a difference, but rather, i'm just going to say that i believe in you vision, and i want to play it! I believe in whatever you make, even if I would have done it differently myself, hell, even if i don't like it! Whatever you feel like doing in this game is more than welcome to me, and as a player, what i want is to see your take in this mechanic, not to have an outstanding amount of entertainment, but to see what you have to say. Because to me, making the best game you can is the the reward in and of itself.

Hope to see it come alive one day! I'll be waiting :)