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It's definitely one of the most unique games I've played in a while. Although most of the time I felt like a third wheel, I enjoyed it a lot and I am sure you will also enjoy it if of course you answer the questions of the  "narrator" correctly. Have fun! 😜

Episode 4: 

Episode 3: 

Episode 2: 

Here is Ep.1: 

Here is my Walkthrough of the Game. Enjoy!

Here is the final video of Ford's walkthrough: 

I might do Stan's walkthrough too in the future. Until then you can watch some of my other videos.😉

New Video!!!!!

Another week another video:

Watch Now Part 7 👆

Part 6:

New Video!

Part 5 is here!


Here is part 4 of my walkthrough!☝️

Here is Part 3:

I will upload new videos of this game every Saturday.

I just uploaded Part 2 of my walkthrough:


Hello, because loved this game so much I decided to create a walkthrough of it on my YouTube channel (with no commentary). Here is the first part of the walkthrough:

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Hello everyone, I am currently creating a walkthrough of the game! Here is the playlist if you want to check it out Subcribe so you don't any future videos of the game here:

and finally Elizabeth's Story.


And for the 2 humans who use Vimeo instead of YouTube I uploaded my video of the Prologue there too!


and for the normal people who haven't seen the video yet here is the YouTube edition: 

In this walkthrough I play the Carmilla's Story and at my next one I will play Elizabeth's. Enjoy!

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Hello everyone, I am plan to make a walkthrough of every Act, chapter and side quest of this game. Today I uploaded my first video of the game in which I play the Prologue.

Before you go watch it here are some notes:

1. I will only cover the new story of the game, so this means that there are going to be large time gaps between each of my videos of this game.

2. I do not speak in my videos because my English is very mediocre and many of you may find my voice distracting.

3. I will only play the English version of the game.

4. All my videos are censored (due to YouTube guidelines)

5. I had already played the prologue on my previous channel in which had over 3k Subs and the video had a few thousand views, but this channel was banned, so I over started again.

Future plans:

The next video of this game will be of Act 1 Chapter 1, which I will upload when its story is fully adapted to the new plot. According to Sad Crab's patreon page, this will be in the fall of this year. But until then I will play other games, most of them visual novels like this, but also SFW games and other indie games, so you won't get bored.

That's all for now! Enjoy my walkthrough of the Prologue: 

Final Episode!

Yes I play Halloween games in the middle of summer don't judge me!😂

I just upload Episode 3: 

Episode 2:

Hey guys, I am planning to make a gameplay walkthrough of this game on my channel! The first part is already out 


Hey guys, I made a walkthrough of the game if you want check it out.

Your welcome, I really liked your game and I thought it would make a great video for my channel ❤️

You can now watch all parts back to back in this playlist:

Hey guys check out my walkthrough of the game!

Watch now the final part of my walkthrough here: 

Part 2 is out! Go watch it! 

Hey guys I am planning to do a full walkthrough of the game in my new YouTube channel! Part 1 is already out, so if you want to support my new begging i would appreciate if you watched and liked the video!


How long does it take on average to finish the game?