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I try to implementing some sort of tutorial screen shortly, sadly for a fully fledget tutorial it would be a bit out of scale for the project.

I have some idea of giving the pieces some animation, but i didn't testet it for now. I think seeing your action play out would have a big inpact, as sometimes you still loose some oversight when the board changes.

I'm happy you liked it :) i really didn't thought this little project would go anywhere, but as it seems i now come back to round it up a little for the next update. Again, thank you so much for the feedback, this really helps improving and fuels the motivation :D

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Happy to hear that :D

"How are you making your games? I use unity."
That's not as easy an Question it should be. I completly recommend using Unity, but this one
is programmend in Love2D. I wanted to get a bit more into Lua as it is a Language i absolutly adore
and not worked with yet .. so that was basicly my line of reasoning for this.

" In such a short time you allready implemented a lot of usefull stuff! "
The speed of update comes from two important points:
1. Solid coding.
I woudn't dare say my code is clean, but i had some nice
hooks in place that i could implement the new features with :D

2. good feedback
Well i got from you and a friend very solid feedback which i summed up with:
- Try not make it stuck (i'm sure i didn't solve it ... yet)
- Add more Moves at once
- Make clear you can't move up and down
- make a highlight to where i can move
- moving clouds are just soo~ important (t-that point might be from me ;D)

and that is basicly what i worked throug :D

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Hey, thank you :)
Sadly i have to admit that most of the credit for art goes to those including (Game pieces, bushes and clouds as well as the ship and the pyramid. (just to give credit where it belongs :D)

I also noted some of your suggestions and implemented some secondary icons so you can now see where you can move the piece.

Also its possible to make multiple moves at once now :) but beware they still cost those moves.

"Sometimes if I play too fast, the it also stops me from continuing."
I think this has to do with the HTML5 process i'm using, but there isn't much of an alternative. Frankly: I'm a bit disapointed how little there is to port Love2D to HTML5. ... so long story short: Maybe i find a better solution to port it over, or i (also just a maybe) take the time to port it to another language.
I try to upload a downloadable version which should not have this problem.

Thanks again for the Feedback. I get way more motivation out of this than you can imagin ;D

wish a nice New years eve to you. :3

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This is a beautifully simple and indepth document.
Sadly the format is holding it a bit back. Photoshop isn't what comes to mind first when you think of editing documents. The complete GDD project you released is in word too. So, why did you switch formats?

Still incredibly handy :) can't wait to try it on some of my concepts.

Edit: I hope i don't overstep it here, but i whiped up a basic doc file out of your design. hope thats okay, if not just say and it'll be gone in no time. If you want to include, edit, change or do whatever to it, please do so - it's still your work and design in my opinion :)

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"I've always been fascinated with the idea that complexity can come out of such simplicity" - Will Wright

You deserve this! :D
Have a nice day.

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Don't go overbord on your artstyle ;)
I found your project today and i don't see any problems with your slick, blocky artstyle.
One of the most important thinks to keep in mind is the readability for your players, to fancy or even more bad undeveloped artstyles could break that. <- this is only my opinion, hope that does not read as teachy.

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It got a little rough at the end for us when it came to time.
That was our first Gamejam and we certaintly shoudn't had orienting us on the drinking game from shanghigh noon :D

The spraybottle is basicly to take a point from the opponent. But don't bother to much about it.
The game was kinda a desaster gameplaywhise (i guess this is why most bordgames are turnbased :D) but i simply loved how much we could took from it to learn at the end. (To share a big part of it: Your reference can take the long development way with you and at the end someone in an stream calles you out that this is a weird game like the japanese drinking game in "How i met your Mother" - which is astonishingly close to the reference from "Shanghigh noon" we used :'D

So sorry for confusing so many.
But it got a little bit of an meta joke between dev and players at this point for us ^_<

what some cheap clapping sounds could do, right?
I kinda got