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I really enjoy this!
It kinda reminds me of "playing pre-release Minecraft for the first time as a kid who knew nothing about it": not using a wiki, just making things out of dirt, not knowing any crafting recipes... (this is a good thing!)

I didn't know about how to actually get fire to spawn reliably & these tricks to get infinite ladders (well, when I started actually playing without the debug commands):
so while I was playing, I enjoyed having to really decide between using ladders in the sky (which seemed to be an easy way to get more ladders) vs. using ladders in the ground to ... dig hole solely because the name of the game tells me to dig hole.

The limitations of digging (ie. when the block is above a pit / when a ladder is in the tile) make it interesting enough when trying to solve how to make a perfectly straight ladder shaft.

And due to the fact I didn't really know how to spawn fire, it became a rare resource for me: when it appeared, I made sure to use it to clear out large areas just so that I could fill them with blocks when digging later on.

Which kinda brings me to my main gripe: you can move super fast by tapping the arrow keys, but this really messes up your wrist 馃槄
(and if you wanna clear out a large area with some fire you'll be smashing buttons a lot).
Would it be possible to add a modifier / toggle which makes you "run" (ie. move at that speed in a straight line from just holding keys instead of having to tapping them)?

ps: I figured out most of the border pattern myself before I stopped! I'm still a little unsure on what the "anchor"(?), "outlined square", and "microchip"(? which seems to render on top of the local radar unlike the other icons?) icons mean, but I understand the local radar itself & eye/dig/fire icons at least 馃槂