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Excellent portrait of a society in crisis! 

I am just a bit curious where the developer is from, just from which country,  because there are in-game references to albanian extremism. Thanks

Ok no problem

Sorry, but does it have windows version now? Because i really want to buy it but i dont see version for windows

okay,no problem

Seems very interesting! When will the windows version come out?

Very interesting bundle! Does it include the full game mop boy or just the demo?

if you like games like << actual sunlight >> and << little red lie >> you may love this

Let's play a game community · Created a new topic content

how much content does this game have ? 

when will it get released the full version ? because it says it is still in development

very meta and touching

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it reminds me a bit of the short animation << the external world >> by david orreilly

i found two endings , one where you make your husband happy delivering everyday money wherever he tells you and one where you sign up your son in violin lessons . Is there any other ending ?

deeper than frog fractions