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No mac support?  I played this at the Jam and it was awesome!

Is there a better way to quit the game than command+q?  I thought the game was nice, but there were some things that I couldn't get used to.  Firstly, the perspective and controls are out of phase.  Down sends you diagonally down to the left, etc.  I thought at first it was because the game was fast, but I later determined that it's because I really didn't know where obstacles would end up.

good job guys, it's pretty good.

hahahah I loved it and thought it was ridiculous.

How do I get passed the door?

I don't think anything I did on the keyboard or mouse had any effect on the game.

I nominate for best game.  I seriously love this game and artwork.

Played this at the TOJam.  Cool game!

No time to think.  No instructions.  Couldn't get into a game about planning without time to plan.  Such a good idea.  Please give instructions or let me start the sprint.


hahahaha cool.  Good stuff.  I love the artwork.

Cute.  I like it.

could barely control the sheep.  Was it just me?  Was a missing something?

I have to hold right way too long to get him to move. I think you're falling victim to the repeat event on the button.  What you should be doing is have a bool be set when the button is pressed, and have it unset when that button is released.  That way you don't have to wait for the OS's repeated button press event, which will be different based on each user's settings.

I'm a bad mom.

what was I supposed to do?  No instructions.

interesting.  Press ENTER to start.  Didn't see that written anywhere.

I didn't say it before, but I really like the concept, and the game.  Just a little polish and I think you have something really great here.

Game doesn't fit on the screen.  I have to scroll to see the continue option.

I spelled my name, and then the simulation restarted as if I hadn't spelled my name.  The typing is way too slow.  I'm assuming you're trying to simulate an AI, which is pretty cool, but I skipped all of my classes in Uni and stayed home to read the books because I could get through the material faster.  The speed is killing me. 

pretty cool.  Some music and sound effects, and a "player X wins" popup, and you have a fun little game.

What features work, and what don't?  I couldn't tell if any of the chemo was having an effect.  Also, the GUI blocks selecting regions.  I quit the game by accident using the line laser thing.

The police encompass the screen.  I'm not exactly sure how to win.

awesome game!  I had nobody to play with :(.  I put it on my dock for now.

Wowza clean up your release.  I couldn't find the OSX binary in that mess.  I'll check back in a week.  I don't need the solutions, I just need the binary.

i'll check back for an update.  How about some keyboard controls?

I wasn't aware that I could move the robot for the first 20 seconds.  How about some instructions?

I really liked the concept of maze navigation with the different cameras.  I got the robot all the way to the button, but I couldn't figure out how to press the button...

With a little bit of polish, this could be pretty cool.

Couldn't figure out how to play.  Sometimes when I click stuff it's an X, and other times it makes a fancy sound.  Please provide instructions.