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Axu community » Bugs · Created a new topic Keybindings

Keybindings and settings are lost after every game. Why can't they be saved?

Great game btw...

Axu community · Created a new topic Font too small

I'm having problems with the font size. It's too small to read for me on an 11.6 inch screen (1920x1080). Is there a way to increase the size ?


Okay... I can't play the game for days. No replies from the dev either. I guess that's it. Shame... I really liked the game.

Installed the latest update (Final). It now behaves exactly like the previous version, crashing immediately after starting it. :-(

Hi, the game won't start anymore. It shuts down immediately after starting it.

Any ideas?


Yes I have... as you mentioned Greenlight... ;-) could you please remove ' Please vote Yes on Greenlight' within the game. I don't mind a reminder on the title screen. But it appears during the game and sometime overlaps the 'info-box' at the top left of the screen. I think this only happens after loading a saved game.

Are you planning to include some kind of high score / cemetery? I play only the permadeath-mode and I like to log my deaths ;-)


The Curse Of Yendor community · Created a new topic Icon

Hi, just out of curiosity... why is the Windows destop icon different from the Android version. The Windows version still displays the ugly AGK icon. Love the game!